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Why grout get crack?

The grout can develop cracks owing to a number of reasons. Joint Size and Inadequate Grout Filling

Joint size plays the determinant factor in selecting the type of grout required to fill the gaps between the tiles. If the tiles size is too wide say more than 1/8 inches then it have to be filled with sanded grout. The sand presence in the grout ensures that the grouting layer does not shrink and produce wide gaps or cracks after drying.

Why is not good idea to install regular drywall for wet area?

people generally use tiles on the walls of the bathroom. This means that if there is a drywall construction near the shower area then it is going to be covered with tiles.

The drywall does allow the moisture to escape and over the period due to constant usage the water gets locked in the walls destroying the entire construction, formation of mold, deep black patches on the floor etc. Effects of Installing Drywall There are many disadvantages of installing drywall beneath the tiles.

Why renovated bathroom is important for homeowner?

It is rightly said that an unappealing bathroom in a house is the one that could be an instant turnoff. You must keep this in mind and it is really worth thinking that it is necessary to invest a bit of both your money and time to make your bathroom look at its best.

A renovated bathroom is necessary in order to meet the expectations of the customers. The bathroom must be a good one in order to increase the customers for your house, which will in turn increase the selling cost of your house.

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