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What is grout?

Grout is largely used in the construction process. This kind of material is used to fill the small holes, spaces, joints, cracks and crevices left after placing tiles, marbles etc on the floors and walls of the bathroom. The grout is applied on ceramic tiles, joints and other requisite areas once the process of placing the flooring and wall covering material is over. A thick layer of grout is evenly applied over the entire area with more attention to the joints and crucial areas. The substance hardens within a few hours from the point of application.

Why grout get crack?

The grout can develop cracks owing to a number of reasons. Joint Size and Inadequate Grout Filling

Joint size plays the determinant factor in selecting the type of grout required to fill the gaps between the tiles. If the tiles size is too wide say more than 1/8 inches then it have to be filled with sanded grout. The sand presence in the grout ensures that the grouting layer does not shrink and produce wide gaps or cracks after drying.

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