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Do we need apply sealer on grout joint?

The grout sealer is an extremely important material for safeguarding the surfaces of the tiles in the bathroom walls and floor owing to the maximum exposure to water throughout the day.

It provides an additional protective cover over the grout layer. The dry grout layer is porous in nature and allows moisture to absorb inside letting the moisture get blocked into walls and floors. Therefore it is essential to apply a water resistant grout sealer once the grout is completely dried up.

How make hole on tiles in the bathroom?

Once the tile setting is complete, the bathroom equipments and accessories need to be fitted in proper places. This requires making several holes and cuttings on the tiles to fit the object with the help of screws and nails.

Using a simple manual hammer can create deep cracks and breakages damaging the entire construction.

How should apply grout?

Applying grout to the bathroom tiles is a very important step and requires following certain basic steps. Start Grout Application after Drying the Tiles Fixation

The process of applying the grout layer should be initiated after allowing sufficient time for the tiles and the underlying mortar and other sealant materials to get dry enough.

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